Extensions for core DSpace

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Extensions for core DSpace

This repository contains extension code for DSpace.

How to use this

There are two steps to using API-Extras in your DSpace repository.

Obtain, build and install the code

First, you will need to download, build and install the maven module on the computer where you're intending to build DSpace. Take care to download a version of API-Extras that is compatible with your DSpace version (look at the version of the dspace-api dependency in this project's pom.xml file). You will typically want to check out one of the tags (released versions) of API-Extras rather than just master. At the top level of this project's source tree, run mvn package install. This will place the api-extras-VERSION.jar file in your local maven cache.

Pull API-Extras into DSpace

Then you will need to pull the API-Extras module into DSpace. In your DSpace source tree, edit the dspace/modules/additions/pom.xml file. At the top of the existing dependencies section, you will need to insert a new dependency block.


Instead of VERSION, put in the version of API-Extras you built in the first step. Make any other changes to actually use the features in API-Extras (eg, add curation task configuration to dspace/config/modules/curate.cfg). Finally, rebuild DSpace.