IRR Team at ITS, the University of Waikato

DSpace hosting, support, development and consulting

  1. About us

    The Information and Technology Services Division at the University of Waikato provides DSpace hosting, support, development and consulting to clients in the Higher Education and Research sector in New Zealand.

  2. What is here

    We make available code developed for our clients under a BSD 3-Clause Licence, the same open-source licence as DSpace itself. This code can be accessed via our UoW-IRRs GitHub account. Please understand that we generally cannot offer free support for this code.


    Much of our custom development goes towards small DSpace improvements. Here are some of the larger features we have developed.

    Content reporting

    "As a repository user, I'd like to be able to make DSpace e-mail me CSV files with information to use in content reporting so that I don't have to extract this information manually."
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    Export citation to EndNote (RIS)

    "As an EndNote user browsing the repository, I want to be able to import an individual item's bibliographic information so that I can be confident I'm citing it correctly."
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    Code modules

  3. Contact

    If you're interested in our DSpace services, we'd love to hear from you: